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How to check to see if your domain name is contested

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Step 1

Go to to check if your domain name is contested. Enter the domain name and click the Priority Search button. In most cases, there will only be one registrant eligible to apply for a reserved .au direct name as they will be the only holder of its match in another .au namespace. This is referred to as an uncontested name.


Step 2

If your domain name is contested, you will see something like this.



If your domain name is NOT contested, then you will see a message like this.

The domain name can be applied for by the current registrant of

To go ahead and register your domain name follow this this knowledge base article here.

Step 4

What do I do if my domain name is contested? 

If you own but someone else owns you can apply for Priority Status so that the other applicant doesn't just get the domain. They may not apply so you can get the domain after September 20. Or if they apply too, you can negotiate with the other owner, or if no agreement it reached, 
  • The .au direct domain name remains subject to a Priority Hold;
  • The name remains on Priority Hold until there is only one active application remaining.

Priority status also depends on when the domains were registered. More information on the Priority Allocation Process is available on the auDA website.

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