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How to apply for Priority Status for a .au direct domain name

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Once you have confirmed that your domain name is contested or not, apply for Priority Status in Step 1 if your domain name was registered before 4 February 2018. If your domain was registered after 4 February 2018 and is not contested you can skip to step 3 below:

Step 1

Go to and enter your domain name in the Domain Name field and your name in the Requestor Name field. Put a tick in the tick box to confirm you are not a robot and then click the Submit button.


Step 2

An email will be sent out to you. Click on the link provided and copy and paste the Priority contact ID and Priority authInfo in a safe place to be used in the application form.


Step 3

Then login into (if you don't have an account, go here to register

Step 4

Once you're in, hover over Domains and click on Register a New Domain.


Step 5

Then enter the domain (i.e., place a tick in I'm not a robot and click Search button.


Step 6

Then click on the Add to cart button and then the Checkout button.


Step 7

Then fill in the form with your Registrant details, .AU Priority Registration Priority contact ID and Priority authinfo.

Note that your registration details need to be an exact match otoyour existing .au domain. 

These instructions should help with completing the form:

Registrant Name: can be the person or the company's name 

Registrant ID: is the ABN or ACN or similar

Eligibility Name: is the Business Name

Eligibility ID: same as the Registrant ID

Step 8

Move onto entering payment details.

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