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Tips to optimise your Office/Business set-up

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The NBN provides a number of tips that help you make informed decisions about your office/business connection, so you can have the best possible internet set-up in your home and optimise services such at wifi.

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Here is one tip for example on Wi-Fi:

Check for objects that can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal

The objects around your modem can absorb and reflect Wi-Fi signals and this varies greatly depending on the type of material.
Try to avoid placing your modem behind:

  • Solid walls made from brick or cement.
  • Televisions, fridges, microwaves, cordless phones and large electrical household appliances.
  • Metal panels, mirrors, cupboards, shelves and water.

For your best chance at a stronger signal, follow these general tips:

- The closer you are to your modem, the better your signal is likely to be.
- If possible, position your modem in a raised and central area (never on the floor).
- Aim to have line-of-sight with your modem.

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If you are having general NBN connection issues please read this article on NBN Connection Troubleshooting.

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