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NBN Connection Troubleshooting

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If you are having NBN issues please go ahead and do the following basic testing to resolve and troubleshoot your issue. If you are still having issues, you will then be able to provide more information as to the exact nature of your problem:

*Modem*: First make sure you have turned off your router and other NBN box (if you have one) for one minute and restarted them. If still having issue do you have a spare modem that you can try? This will rule out a faulty modem. Does your Modem need a firmware upgrade which could resolve your issue?

*Cables*: Have you double checked the cables to your modem? Make sure they are firmly connected. Ideally if you have spare cables please replace what you are using now so that you can rule out existing cables as the cause. If you are on the NBN make sure there are no filters between your socket and your modem. 

: Are you having issues over Wifi? To test that wifi isn’t the issue, can you please test with a computer that is connected directly to the router with an Ethernet connection? Wifi can have interference with other devices and other routers. If this is a speed issue, turn Wifi off temporarily. And do a speed test from with only a single computer connected to the router. Then try testing over wifi. This can determine if there is a difference between wifi and cable meaning wifi is the issue

*Other devices*
: To rule out that one of your devices isn’t causing the issues, can you please test isolated. To do this, remove other devices such as online printers, alarms and other computers from the router and only have a single computer plugged into the router and see if you are still having issues or slow speeds.

: If you are still having issues, can you please let us know how often this happens? How long does it happen for? How long has this been going on for? Is it getting worse at all? Have you been rebooting the router when this happens? Do you have a log of the times of recent dropouts. Have you recently made any changes to your setup? 
If you can do this testing at your end and provide this information we can better determine what is going on and provide support.

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