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Setting up mail on an Apple device - iPad - iPhone - MAC

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The following information will help to set up you mail client on your iPhone or iPad or Mac

Start by going to the system settings page


Once you are in the Systems settings you need to look for "mail"
If you are setting up on a MAC 
Select "Internet accounts"


Once you have this page open, look for accounts 


Once in accounts, you will see a list of all the mail accounts you have beginning with iCloud
Select you isp/atu/rpi account 


Once  selected you will see the basics page 



Select the account by tapping on it to access the user ID information and incoming mail details
Also take note of the account type (IMAP/POP3)
you will need this later to set up the servers
Make sure the following fields are completed 
The fields are free other than the email field

You must complete the incoming mail details 
Host name (The correct mail server)

- If your email address is

- Incoming mail server:

- Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


- If your email address is

- Incoming mail server:

- Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


- If your email address is 

- Incoming mail server:

- Outgoing mail server (SMTP):


- If your email address is

- Incoming mail server:

- Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Your current user name 
(as above you will need to use just "sunshine")



Once these fields are completed 
Click on Advanced to set the correct server and security details


Just the fields above and make sure USE SSL is switched on

IMAP port: 993

POP3 port: 995


Once you have completed or checked the fields above select done or back so that you are back at the following screen 
Click on the SMTP field to check the outgoing mail server 




As previously,
make sure the host name field is completed
Use your correct server
Refer to servers above and make sure you match your incoming 
Username > ADD
Password > ADD
USE SSL must be switched on
Authentication > Password
Toggle between 587 and 465 ( may prefer 465)

Once completed select done to save and exit 
For each screen select done till you are back at the main system settings page and you can then close 
Go to mail and attempt and update 


This should get you through the checks or set ups 

The following article will help as well


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