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ATU/ISP/RPI mail server upgrade - action required if you can not send emails

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Re: Important Update: Email Password Reset Required - 06 July 2023


Tonight starting from 9pm 6th July 2023 we will be migrating to a new mail server. This process may take some time and once completed the new server will be online.

If on the 7th July 2023 @ 10am you can not access webmail, which will be at the new location, please reboot your router and pc as the DNS will change when the process is complete.

As part of our ongoing commitment to safeguard your information. We noticed that there are old passwords being used, so we are implementing a mandatory password reset for all users in anticipation of the upgrade.

To start this process please follow the steps below.


1. Register an account with our Helpdesk Portal

2. If you get "The email has already been taken." Then click here to reset your password to helpdesk.

3. Then login into Helpdesk



4. Submit a Ticket by clicking on "Submit Ticket" button.


5. Select Customer Service.


6. Enter "Change email password" in the Subject.

7. Then enter an Australian contact number in the Message field preferably a mobile phone number that we have on record.

8. Click the Submit button.

9. This will trigger us to take action and we will provide further feedback ASAP after 11 am on Friday 7th July 2023.



Please note:
A. We will be processing these tickets from 11am onwards on Friday 7th July 2023, please be patient with the team as we work through these requests.
B. Our systems implement an anti-hack/breach system and too many incorrect login attempts will have your ip address blocked.
C. Please ensure you identify all devices attempting to login to your email account as they will need to have the new password updated to ensure no interruptions.

Once you have your new password:
Please update all email clients/software used on desktop computers, smart phones and other devices, that checks your email address.

The new mail facility will be locate at you may want to update the from name and the from email address (supported domains,,,
Below is a helpdesk article to assist (this is only relevant in the new mail system from tomorrow onwards);

Please Note for customers, please lodge a separate ticket, this legacy domain is under maintenance mode and may need a manual configuration.


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