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NBN - FTTN, FTTB - D-Link DVA-2800 Router Configuration

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The following configuration instructions for FTTN and FTTB NBN connections only.

Open a browser and connect to

You will get a login screen as per below:
The default password is "admin". Then click the Log In button.

Then hover your mouse over Settings and click Internet from the pull down menu.

Configure the following

WAN Access Type: VDSL
Interface: PTM 0
Enable Interface: Enabled
VLAN Tagged: Enabled
VLAN Auto Detected: Disabled
VLAN ID: 100
VLAN Priority: Disable
Service Type: INTERNET_VOIP_TR069
My Internet Connection is: PPPoE
Username: [the username given to you]
Password: [the password given to you]
Reconnect Mode: Always on
IPv6PD: Enabled
My Internet Connection is: Auto Detection
DNS Type: Obtain a DNS server address

And then click the Save button.

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